Lunch Menu

All dishes except noodles are served with Japanese rice, miso soup and garnish (AVAILABLE IN WEEKDAYS ONLY).

  • Tonkatsu 10.50

    Premium pork loin cooked in bread crumbs

  • Organic Teriyaki Salmon Don 9.50

    Salmon cooked in Yuzu’s original teriyaki sauce

  • Organic Salmon Don 10.50

    Salmon sashimi served over sushi seasoned rice

  • Tendon 9.50

    King Prawns and seasonal vegetables lightly cooked in tempura batter. Served over Japanese rice.

  • Chicken Katsu 9.50

    fresh chicken breast cooked in bread crumbs

  • Veg Tendon 9.50

    Seasonal vegetables lightly cooked in tempura butter, served over Japanese rice

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